Junior High: Grades 6-8

Good teaching starts with where a student is. By Junior High years, you may notice that your child loves to argue. Our curriculum takes advantage of this newfound love of argument.

Students receive formal training in logic and learn to reason critically from a Christian perspective. They practice these skills as they debate, participate in class discussions and critique one another.

3 Year Junior High Curriculum Rotation

Year Grades Humanities 9:00 & 10:00 Math 11:00 Science 1:00 Music/Lang 2:00
2021-22 Lower Medieval Pre-Alg Intro Chemistry Choir/Latin
Upper Medieval w/ HS Alg 1/Alg 2 Latin I
Year Grades Humanities Math Science Music/Language
2022-23 Lower Modern Pre-Alg Intro Physics Choir/Latin
Upper Modern w/ HS Alg 1/Geometry Latin I
Year Grades Humanities Math Science Music/Language
2023-24 Lower Ancient Pre-Alg Intro Biology Choir/Latin
Upper Ancient w/ HS Alg 1/Alg 2 Latin I

Year = Academic Year

Grades = Placement based on ability and maturity but generally Lower (6th/7th" and Upper (8th)

Upper = Upper are high school level courses and earn high school credit.

Humanities = 2 Period class covering History, English and Bible

Math = 3 Math classes offered per year. One of our Pre-Alg. courses as well as Algebra 1 offered every year

Science = 3 Science classes -- rotated annually.

Choir/Latin = School year split between 1/2 year of Latin & 1/2 year of Choir, meets Tues-Thurs

PE = Meets 2:00 Mon & Fri

Readings for Ancient Humanities Year:

Other years also include a balance of Bible, history, and literature.

Tales of Ancient Egypt
A Wrinkle in Time
Children's Homer
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Codes of Hammurabi & Moses
Famous Men of Greece
Famous Men of Rome
Augustus Caesar's World