Upper School

Junior High

Algebra and Geometry and other math options are offered. Students take Astronomy & Geoscience as well as introductory courses in Chemistry and Physics along with a more intensive study of history and literature.

High School

Attending high school at Oak Hill your son or daughter can study math through Trigonometry and Calculus AP. We offer science courses through Chemistry and AP Physics. There is a strong emphasis on learning to read for ideas and enjoyment, learning to write clearly and to speak eloquently.

Recent College Acceptances include The University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, Virginia Tech, James Madison, New Saint Andrews College, George Mason University, Pensacola Christian College, Liberty University, University of Richmond, Mary Washington, Grove City, Mary Baldwin, Chestnut Hill College, Miami University of Oxford, Ohio.

The Logos Honors Program

With the help of the Veritas Omnibus textbooks and teacher-led discussion, students analyze timeless works of the West. Using logic and previous knowledge, students are able to discern the antithesis between biblical ideas and man centered ideas and how present streams of thought have been shaped. In a given year we cover Ancient Works, Medieval, or Modern Works. Juniors and seniors are required to engage in a year long thesis writing process, culminating in defending a thesis before a panel of faculty and visitors. Rhetoric students practice many types of speeches, writing in various styles, and incorporation of stylistic techniques, such as the figures of speech, which flavor communication. The Honors Program also includes Latin, learning to read Cicero, Virgil, The Vulgate, Augustine, and others as well as spoken Latin as a tool for mastery. Honors students attend science and math courses with other high school students at Oak Hill.