Pre-K (ages 3-4), Kindergarten, First Grade

Give your child a foundation and skills that he will use at every level of learning in the future. OH offers an outstanding academic program. With plenty of play and lots of enjoyment, students learn the correct habits from the time they begin learning to read and write.

While there is no pressure, in a class of twenty 4 year olds, usually 20 can read by the end of the year. Students learn to read using phonics, mastering their ability at each level of phonics and reading before moving on to the next. No matter where they end up in school, students trained in this method are likely to be the best students in the class in years to come.

Kindergarten students typically read on a third grade level by the end of the year. Curriculum in PK and Kindergarten includes math, science, Bible, music, art, penmanship, some foreign language, history and geography. Students have many crafts and great science activities as well as two outdoor playtimes every day.

We use Saxon Math 1 in the Kindergarten and Saxon Kindergarten Math in Junior Kindergarten. Three year olds receive the same instruction but at a slower pace.

In PK-1st we offer multiple reading groups allowing advanced students to move ahead and as fast as they are able. Challenge math and spelling lessons for exceptional students are a regular part of our curriculum.

Good penmanship is taught and practiced. Students at this age do not use computers at school.

First grade adds some more amazing science activities (growing dandelion seeds, observing the egret and ducks and turtles at the nature reserve, dissecting owl pellets), and Virginia geography. Students practice rhetorical skills by retelling fairy tales and in other exercises speaking to the class.